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Ladies Lion Dance Team

lion dance

The Ladies Lion Dance Team was founded by Sifu Raymond Cheung in 2004. Sifu Cheung’s motive to form a ladies lion dance team began when female students from his school showed interested in learning and participating in the traditional art of Chinese lion dancing. Sifu Cheung provided these
students with the opportunity to learn and participate in public performances such as: Chinese New Year celebrations, mall performances, major tournaments, and various community events. Since 2004, the community has continued to show great appreciation and support in their performances.

Sifu Purdy Cheung is the team leader, along with Samineh Deheshi and Jenny Nguyen as the assistant
team leaders. Training in traditional lion head, tail, drumming, cymbals and gong is provided by Sifu
Purdy and the assistant instructors. As the first ladies lion dance team in Vancouver, Sifu Cheung’s team
will continue to promote female lion dancing in the BC community.

For videos of our past performances, please see our Gallery