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Hung Gar

A traditional Southern style originating from the Southern Shaolin temple of 17th century China. Hung Gar is characterized by strong stances as well as many types of powerful hand techniques based on animal styles. Hung Gar stresses not only the development of external strength, but also internal energy at higher levels.


Wushu is the discipline encompassing all Chinese martial arts. Wushu is split into two main areas of focus: Taolu (forms) and SanShou (full contact fighting). Wushu has developed international standards and will be an exhibition event at the 2008 Olympics in China.

Lion Dancing

An important part of Kung Fu as it trains basic skills such as strong stances, agility, stamina, coordination, balance, and strength. A typical lion dance will consist of two dancers inside of a paper or cloth lion accompanied by a drummer and a set of cymbal and gong players. Modern lion dances are usually performed at weddings, grand openings, and on special occasions, such as Chinese New Years.

Why do we do Lion Dances?
Why do the Lions eat lettuce?

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