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Sifu Purdy Cheung

purdy cheungSifu Purdy trains in traditional Shao Lin Hung Gar under her father, Master Raymond Cheung, and trained in Wushu and Tai Chi under Grandmaster Shou Yu Liang. She currently teaches classes at several locations across the lower mainland. 

Purdy has won many awards and Blackbelt Grandchampionships in various tournaments throughout the Pacific Northwest, including West Coast Can-Am Championships and Tiger Balm Internationals. 

Purdy is a certified 5th degree Instructor by the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations (CCWO) and a certified 7th degree Instructor by the World Organization of Wushu and Kung Fu Masters.  She is also a director of Wushu B.C. and the Hung Gar Association of Canada.  She is the team leader of the Shao Lin Hung Gar Female Dragon and Lion Dance Team.