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Sifu Qixing Liang

Sifu LiangSifu Qixing Liang is Vice Director and Trustee of Foshan Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association.  Sifu Liang has been practicing martial arts ever since childhood, first studying eagle-claw boxing and then Dragon and Lion Dancing. 

He became a coach after practicing for many years, and is now a certified coach and judge at the national level in China.  Sifu Liang, on behalf of Team China, has participated in many international Dragon and Lion Dancing competitions, including those in Malaysia, UAE, Canada, etc. 

As an experienced Dragon and Lion dance coach, Sifu Liang has been the coach for Foshan Shiwan Dragon and Lion Dance Team, Foshan Eagle Brand Ceramic Ltd. Lion Dance Team, Luosha Village Martial Arts & Lion Dance Team, etc.  In addition, he has also been the judge in many domestic competitions